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Crypto Investigation Services

Crypto Investigators’ Crypto Investigation Services utilize high-level blockchain forensics tools and the most advanced techniques available to conduct aggressive and comprehensive crypto investigations, uncover cybercrimes, and recover stolen digital assets. Through our crypto investigation services we track cryptocurrency, DeFi, Web3, CBDC, NFT and other crypto assets transactions through a combination of on- and off-chain analysis, leveraging our in-house cybercrime investigations talent as well as our network of friends and partners across various digital infrastructural industries and law enforcement agencies to find what others miss and proactively attempt to limit the ability of attackers to move or withdraw stolen funds.

Our crypto investigation services team specializes in crypto asset tracking and recovery. We are qualified to lead complex investigations and we excel at complex and fast-paced rapid crypto crime incident response. We’re globally and internationally certified to provide expert witness testimony for blockchain fraud and crypto cybercrimes. And we provide beginner and advanced crypto investigation training covering every aspect of crypto and blockchain forensic analysis, tracing, investigation, crypto assets recovery, and regulatory compliance. We supplement our skills with those from our parent company Cryptosec.

Rapid Crypto Cybercrime Incident Response

These things tend to happen fast. A rapid response is critical. Anti-fraud protocols on most crypto off-ramps can sometimes delay the process for an attacker long enough for us to find your stolen funds and have them frozen before they’re taken off-chain. Our investigation reports can act as evidence of a cybercrime and drastically improve your chances of recovery.

Crypto Investigation Services

Crypto Tracing & Investigations

The advanced blockchain forensics tools and investigation techniques we use to trace transactions on the blockchain can find your stolen crypto, discover how it was taken, and often reveal the true identity of the fictitious online personas and pseudonymous actors involved. Once we have a positive ID and we verify the location of your stolen digital assets, we can begin the process of recovery through legal procedures or more direct measures.

Blockchain Forensics

Utilizing advanced tools and techniques, we delve into the depths of the blockchain, tracing transactions, uncovering potential illicit activities, and providing in-depth insights into the complex world of cryptocurrencies. Whether you’re dealing with cybercrime, need assistance with regulatory compliance, or require a deep dive into complex financial transactions, our expert team of crypto investigators and analysts stands ready to illuminate the often obscured and intricate pathways of the blockchain. 

Digital Assets Recovery

There are many ways cybercriminals use cryptocurrencies and blockchain services to try to hide their identity and launder stolen funds. By launching a crypto investigation that utilizes advanced blockchain intelligence tools, forensics techniques, and a robust network of law enforcement, exchange partners, and cybersecurity experts and law firms, we can help you recover stolen digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, CBDCs, and other cryptocurrencies or NFTs.

Expert Witness Testimony

We’re with you to the end. If it comes down to it, our meticulous documentation and professional reporting will help build a legal case against your attacker. We translate complex crypto assets jargon into easily digestible information. We’ll testify on your behalf to provide the relevant details and explain the technical facts about how the cybercrime was committed. Our professionals ensure judges, juries, and legal teams understand the nuances of your case. 

Crypto Investigations for Due Diligence

The emerging global marketplace for blockchain-based decentralized technology such as NFTs, cryptocurrencies and decentralized financial services is rapidly evolving and the risks are numerous. You need accurate and illuminating intelligence reports to inform a dynamic business strategy and avoid making critical mistakes. We offer deep and discreet crypto research reports to help you make difficult business decisions.

Compliance Blockchain Analytics

Compliance Blockchain Analytics assist businesses in meeting their regulatory obligations, such as KYC, AML, CTF, and international sanctions laws. We employ advanced blockchain analytics techniques to provide necessary on-chain information helping businesses’ operations adhere to all relevant compliance standards and mitigating risks associated with digital asset transactions. 

Legal Investigations

Legal Investigations service combines traditional legal investigation skills with specialized expertise in crypto-related cases. This service is designed to help clients uncover facts and navigate the complexities of their legal disputes. The team uses a variety of methods to gather evidence, including document analysis, interviews, surveillance, and advanced crypto forensics to trace and analyze blockchain transactions. 


Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) gathering, analysis, and investigation services are designed to provide comprehensive, accurate, and actionable off-chain intelligence supplementing our extensive on-chain analytics, due diligence, and investigations services. Our unique approach combines on-chain and off-chain data, providing a fuller picture of the situation at hand.

Crypto Investigation Training

Embark on your journey towards mastering incident response, crypto investigations, legal investigations, crypto asset recovery,  and crypto compliance with Crypto Investigators’ training services. Gain the knowledge, confidence, and skills you need to successfully navigate the complex world of cryptocurrency fraud and scams. Join our cutting-edge Crypto Investigation Training program today. Crypto Investigators – where practical learning meets unparalleled expertise.

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