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Crypto Assets Recovery

Crypto Assets Recovery

Crypto Tracing & Investigation Services for Crypto Assets Recovery

Can scammed or stolen crypto assets such as Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, and NFTs be recovered?

By launching a crypto investigation that utilizes advanced blockchain intelligence tools, forensics techniques, and a robust network of law enforcement, exchange partners, and cybersecurity experts, the answer is often yes.

Crypto Investigators is a world leader in cryptocurrency investigations for the purpose of crypto assets recovery, civil litigation, criminal complaints, and regulatory enforcement actions.

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Crypto Assets Recovery

Blockchain Forensics and Crypto Assets Recovery

There are many ways cybercriminals use cryptocurrencies and blockchain services to try to hide their identity and launder stolen funds. Finding out who stole your crypto assets is the first step to getting them back. Our investigations are powered by the most advanced blockchain intelligence and analysis tools in the industry today, allowing us to effectively track crypto cybercrimes and prove criminal activity in order to assist in crypto assets recovery.

Legal Investigations and Civil Action for Assets Recovery

We work closely with government agencies and international law enforcement as well as exchange partners and law firms to assess your unique situation thoroughly, considering factors such as your geographic location, the jurisdiction in which the crime occured, the ToS and compliance of all services used by you and the attacker, and more. From this we can determine the best strategic approach to collect all the data required for legal remedies such as civil action, criminal prosecution, and conviction-based confiscation.

Crypto Assets Recovery from Investment Fraud and Embezzlement

With wider cryptocurrency and NFT adoption comes an expanded range of opportunities to commit investment and embezzlement schemes. We’re experienced in following complex crypto trails to get to the bottom of fraudulent ICOs for DeFi and NFT projects. We can often uncover the identities of fictitious online personalities and cybercriminals acting under pseudonyms and collaborate with exchange partners and international law enforcement to recover your stolen crypto assets.

Expert Witness Testimony for Crypto Assets Recovery

Judges and legal professional often lack the technical knowledge required to asses cybercrimes involving blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. They rely on certified experts to examine the facts of a given case, break down the relevant events in clear and precise language, and simplify the implications. Crypto Investigators’ partners hold numerous certifications and accreditations from globally and internationally recognized cybersecurity associations and institutions. We’re proud to stand as expert witness to cybercrimes in your legal pursuit of crypto assets recovery.

What We Can Do

Cryptocurrencies and crypto assets represent an emergent avenue for cybercrime necessitating the rapid development of new online anti-fraud and anti-theft mechanisms. We’re on the cutting-edge of that development. 

We can track down and recover your stolen Bitcoin or cryptocurrency, expose investment fraud and embezzlement, uncover and report on cybercrimes and on-chain criminal activity, reveal the identity of cybercriminals, and work with law enforcement, exchange partners, law firms and legal representatives to determine the best strategic approach to deliver the highest chances for crypto assets recovery.

Blockchain Forensics

Why Choose Crypto Investigators

Crypto Investigators works closely with law firms to determine the most effective and time-critical legal remedies to secure and recover crypto assets by freezing injunctions, disclosure orders, administrative confiscation, and executing against assets, to providing expert witness testimony for civil action and eventual criminal prosecution and conviction-based confiscation. Our experience with global legal investigations informs us on how various jurisdictions perceive crypto assets and allows us to rapidly pursue the best asset recovery strategies available.

Our partners are prominent and esteemed members of the global cybersecurity community recognized by their peers for technical proficiency and blockchain investigations competency. Each has 20+ years of experience in law enforcement and global investigations along with an extensive network of contacts in legal and financial sectors and numerous relevant global and international certifications in Cryptocurrency Tracing, Digital Forensics, Fraud Detection, Legal Investigations, Financial Crime, Cybersecurity and others. Learn more here.

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