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Scam Crypto Recovery
A well-known crypto recovery scam recently resurfaced in a slightly modified way. Like many other scams, this one also tries to exploit the credibility and reputation of legitimate companies, including Cryptosec and Crypto Investigators. This scheme came to our attention through two channels: first, from astute individuals who contacted Cryptosec to verify claims of association made by these scammers; and...
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SIM Swapping
In the U.S. alone, SIM-swapping attacks resulted in $72 million worth of losses last year, four-million dollars more than 2021, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In a 2022 public service announcement, the FBI defined SIM swapping as a “malicious technique where criminal actors target mobile carriers to gain access to victims’ bank accounts, virtual currency accounts, and other...
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Dark Web Crypto Account Listings
Verified crypto-exchange accounts have become a hot commodity on the dark web, with login credentials available for as little as $20, according to May data from threat intelligence firm Privacy Affairs. But the price for verified crypto accounts has been steadily rising, with some ‘logs,’ a darknet slang term for stolen or nominee credentials, fetching as much as $2,650 per...
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Crypto Illicit Money Laundering
Annualized data from blockchain forensics provider Chainalysis indicates that crypto-enabled crime has dropped precipitously through the first half of 2023, but cybercriminals are also continuously evolving new cash-out methods to cover their tracks. Chainalysis’s mid-year update found that crypto inflows to “known illicit entities” were down 65% compared to where they were last June. Meanwhile, crypto flows to high-risk entities,...
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Crypto Recovery Lies
(Please also read our Avoid Crypto Recovery Scams – Step-by-Step Guide.) To safeguard yourself from falling victim to crypto recovery scams, it’s crucial to be aware of the crypto recovery lies and deceptive tactics employed by scammers. In this guide, we will dissect several actual statements made by these scammers, debunking their falsehoods and shedding light on their fraudulent practices....
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Crypto Recovery Pricing
As experts in the field of crypto recovery, Crypto Investigators offer a crypto recovery pricing structure that takes into account the multifaceted nature of crypto investigations and legal processes required for recovery. Our fees are determined by several factors, including the complexity of the case, the amount of cryptocurrency lost, and the jurisdictions involved. It’s important to understand that regardless...
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Legitimate Crypto Recovery
(Please also read our Avoid Crypto Recovery Scams – Step-by-Step Guide.) While we offer crypto tracing and investigation services for various reasons, from corporate M&A due diligence, internal fraud investigations, to finding hidden assets in a divorce, we are most often contacted to help recover stolen digital assets. So how does a legitimate crypto recovery service operate? Please be aware...
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Avoiding Crypto Recovery Scams
As the digital assets landscape continues to evolve, so do the challenges and risks associated with it. Scams and fraud are an unfortunate part of this reality, and now, a new threat has emerged – fake crypto recovery scams. These scams often target victims who have already been harmed by a cryptocurrency fraud, seeking to take advantage of their desperation...
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Tracing Private Cryptocurrencies
Many believe total anonymity is possible using private cryptocurrencies. It might not always be the case. Are popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum private? Absolutely not. There are privacy enhancing tools and techniques that can be used to obscure crypto transactions, but in general most cryptocurrencies leave a very convenient trail to trace for investigators and law enforcement. But not...
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Crypto Scams
The DeFi revolution presents new risks and challenges for innovators, regulators, cybersecurity experts and early adopters of the powerful technology. These are the top 5. “Where money goes, crime is never far behind.“ In our new digital world this age-old saying still rings true, especially in regard to the emergent cryptocurrency and NFT landscapes. According to a recent report by...
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